Why Buy Local?

Promotes wholesome eating habits.

Locally grown food tastes better, and is better for you. The produce is vine-ripened and has been picked within the past couple of days. Fresh produce loses nutrients quickly, so the longer it sits the less you, the consumer, get out of it. The shorter storage and/or transportation time also helps avoid post-harvest contamination.

Provides access to locally grown, farm-fresh produce.

Shoppers have the opportunity to personally interact with the farmer who grows the produce at the Saturday Market. You can put a face with the name of the farm that grows what you eat, as well as ask them about their growing practices and cooking tips.

Builds community.

The Saturday Market brings people together in a social atmosphere where the mixing of diverse demographic groups is enabled. The Market also enhances sense of place for Greenville because it fills citizens with a feeling of pride in their community.

Preserves open space and supports a clean environment.

Contributing to local farms means that they do not have to sell their property. Not selling property means that the agricultural landscape, or “country”, will be protected from commercial development, not to mention it provides a home for many forms of wildlife. Crops keep the soil fertile, help prevent erosion, and fight global warming. Buying local also helps reduce energy consumption because locally produced food does not require significant transportation or storage.

Supports the local economy.

The Market gives farmers an additional outlet to sell their merchandise at a fair price. In addition, the downtown businesses also benefit because many Market customers patronize another nearby business. Bottom line: buying local keeps money within the community.

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